UNYFI stands with The United Methodist Church

Upper New York for Full Inclusion was created in 2019 out of a deep desire from moderates and progressives to reclaim our church as an expression of God’s love in the world. As we look toward the future and a possible split in the denomination, we remain deeply committed to inclusion and to staying in The United Methodist Church. We love the mission and ministries of The United Methodist Church. The wholeness of our global connection matters to building the kin-dom of God.

UNYFI stands with The United Methodist Church. The Upper New York Conference should too.

For UNYFI, a call for full inclusion comes out of our belief in God’s love and grace. We believe that our role in the Body of Christ is to live as expressions of God’s love and grace in the world, and that means making working toward a church where all of God’s beloveds have a place to be, to be celebrated, and to share in God’s work.

We dream together of a church where all are free to be fully human in Christ, where imago dei (made in God’s image) is seen in each other person. We imagine a church where all are free to be in ministry, not fighting for their right to do ministry. We work toward a church free of hypocrisy when it declares its doors open.

What will happen to The United Methodist Church when current policy stops getting in the way of the Holy Spirit?

We’ll fight better, love better, take care of one another better. The church will grow as its members grow within it. God’s inward and outward reach will be extended by removed barriers. The kin-dom itself will grow.

Give yourself a moment to really think about a fully inclusive United Methodist Church. Let yourself feel that joy, even for just a moment. Then join us in working to make it happen.

We invite you to listen deeply to the Divine, to ponder carefully what you hear in your heart, and to find hope for the future. Together, we can do incredible ministry, especially once we are able to freely work together with all the people of God, welcomed and celebrated in full inclusion.

P.S. Wash your hands, follow health department instructions, stay safe so we can build the kin-dom together!


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